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J'y expose mes créations graphiques. Vous pourrez ainsi les visualiser facilement. Je le remplirai au fur et à mesure.

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Nathalya 23/11/2009 12:33

You seems to have a great sensitivity and to be a romantic man. Your pictures are really nice and I agree with those who wrote that the model too. Keep it up.

A girl in the wind 22/11/2009 23:32

I really loved your "Falling back from paradise" picture. It is very expressive and you've a beautiful torso. Keep uploading your work. I love it.

Kelkov 22/11/2009 23:29

Très jolie galerie d'images. Très expressives. Hâte de voir les prochaines.

IsabellaK 22/11/2009 23:27

I love your sensibility and your way to transmit it. Thank you. Your blog seems really cool, I translated it with Google Translate. Keep it up, man